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The REAL Reason You Feel Alone

A short inspirational video telling us that we can fight the feelings of loneliness if can think with gratitude and purpose within our lives.

There are many reasons we may feel alone. We can think entirely on ourselves, but at the same time compare ourselves to others. We shouldn’t think this way as we will get stuck thinking of things others have and what we don’t. This makes us want the wrong things and ignore the things that would make us happy.

We end up trying to be someone we are not. What we should do is find our purpose and do anything to make our goals become a reality. In doing so, being focused in this way the right people will come into your lives naturally.

If we can be happy with our company, whilst we are doing the passionate things which make us tick we will never truly be alone in the first place. Be grateful for the people that are in your life and what you have, that way you will have a fulness you didn’t feel before. Learn, grow and experience to live a life without loneliness.

Video by Team Fearless

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