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The Value of Brainstorming is Asking the Question | Simon Sinek

A short video by Simon Sinek shows that we must allow ourselves time to reflect and think if we want to make the most of the knowledge we have stored away.

Having personal time for yourself is key to obtaining creativity and making your vision come true. Hard work is important, but without some free time to think about things you restrict what information you can access in your subconscious and lose what it is you need to succeed. When you allow yourself time to pose the questions that are important to you, they will naturally come to you rather than trying to force them.

When we have free moments we must utilise them – even in the smallest moments of free time we will allow ourselves to check in on phones rather than having a moment of useful reflection. Don’t lose the interactions around you that could be very beneficial because you can’t switch off and allow your mind to have a brief down period.

Video by Simon Sinek

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