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This One Word Will Motivate You To Do Anything

A short animated video from Mitch Manly shows us that we must go and live the lives we want now before it is too late and we look back wishing for more.

If you ever look at people who seem to have it all, and you wish that your life was the same remember that it is possible. Don’t think back and look upon all the things you wish you had done more, or the things you never started but wanted to achieve. Don’t waste time by sitting and doing nothing when you could be out in the world. Don’t leave yourself with the “what if” feeling. This all leads to the one word you must never have when you look back.


Having your goals and discipline to hand when you are ready to obtain the life you want are great, but remember that you need a destination to head to complete your journey. Make sure that the life you imagine yourself having is yours and not someone else’s end goal that has been imprinted on you. Plus, make sure you never settle for a life that is not the one you wanted because it seems out of reach. You will only look back in regret when it is too late wishing you had done different.

Figure out what you truly want and never stop going for it, no matter what anyone says.

Video by Mitch Manly

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