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Joshua lee Graham

International Speaker and Life Coach.

Joshua's style of coaching is second to none, if you're looking for someone who can push you into "Living in your truth" then this is the guy. Josh stands tall and believes in everything he teaches, he is consistent and very well liked throughout the coaching business. This guy gets the work done, without fail.

Joshua is also a key member of the Success4 Team, working closely with all of our contributors to the website.

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Sport stars are our modern day gladiators. Sporting stars dedicate themselves to mastering the craft of their game. As you look into the mindset of sport you see that it is a huge factor in reaching the highest level of your chosen game. Ask any sports star and they will tell you ability will only take you so far if you want to succeed and more importantly for many sports stars remain at the top; you have to dig a little deeper. Here are a few quotes from sporting stars that show the level they have reached is not coincidental.

Conor McGregor said back in 2013 that he was going to be the man to take martial arts public. Watching interviews from years ago you can see that McGregor would use visualisations to get to where he is now. He put it out there for the world to see and hear. He’s famous for calling how his fights would end before actually happening. McGregor will be named amongst the greats of UFC.

Cristiano Ronaldo came from humble beginnings in the small town of Madeira. Often misunderstood Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers to play the game. From an early age Ronaldo told himself he was going to be the best on the planet. By the age of 23 he finished the season with 42 goals and a champions league winners medal with Manchester United and was voted FIFA world player of the year. Far from letting his foot off the gas Ronaldo has moved on to greater achievements with club and country as well as individual accolades including the Ballon D’or (seen as football’s greatest individual prize) 4 times. Without having the self belief that he has and the drive and vision to reach greater levels, Ronaldo is again a perfect example of what can be achieved when you apply your mind and body to your craft.

He is the fastest man on the planet, 6 time olympic gold medalist Usain bolt is a champion with a champion mindset. “The work is behind the scenes, the competition is the easy part.” Usain Bolt credits his success to the work that is done behind the scene. In life and in business this is the same, people only see the surface level of what you do, where the difference where the real growth happens is in what you do behind closed doors. “No matter how far in front you are I’m gunna catch you.” The recurring theme with all three of these champions along with the hard work behind closed doors is the self belief and being able to see victory before it is brought into reality.

To reach the highest level you have to see it first and be willing to put the work in. I know through my own experience that you have to be prepared to go through discomfort and the unknown to reach new levels of success that you previously have not. Holding an end goal in mind is fundamental to bringing it into reality.

Joshua Lee Graham

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