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Three words that will change your life | Dr. Mark Holder

Dr. Mark Holder talks us through how we often miss out on happiness, but how it is so easy to obtain and also spread to others for the benefit of all.

We all want to be happy in life, but sometimes it is the thing eludes us the most. We miss out on it because of the hectic environments around us and lifestyles we lead. And all too often we focus on what is wrong rather than look upon the good things we have right in front of us. However, we can build upon out happiness by making sure that we keep close relationships which keep us connected to people that care for us, and in return care for them. If we find ourselves too engrossed in the high technology environment of today we need to step back and build physical bonds with those closest to us.

Communication is key for relationships. So Mark tells us of two sets of three words which will help you connect with people and form these bonds to obtain our happiness. They are “tell me more” and “what happened next”. If we really listen to those we talk to, they will feel important and in return allow you express your thoughts, building full connections for a happier life.

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