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Try this 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep

A short motivational video shows us that there is a moment before we sleep which determines how we think and feel, and has an impact on everything we do.

The last five minutes before you sleep are crucial to what activities happen in your brain as you sleep, as what you think about in this short window of time can determine what happens in your subconscious mind throughout the night – and therefore have an impact when you wake. You can send yourself positive energy for the morning if you think positively and anticipate a better day for yourself.

But on the reverse it can also focus on the hurt that may have happened during your day which breeds fear and then attracts more of it in your next waking moments. It is all down to those last few minutes before you sleep. So make sure you give yourself positive affirmations to both better your sleep and your life where you are focusing on your goals. So tell yourself of your confidence, your dedication and your readiness to solve any problem of the day.

Video by Positive Mindset

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