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Tuesday – Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker or Business Person ?

Today at Success4 we would like to just briefly touch on something that we are coming across more and more as we work in the field of self development. The different and between a entrepreneur and a business man/or person.

A entrepreneur is a person that creates business opportunities and a business is an idea that solves a problem that can then be marketed and made a profit from. The Entrepreneur then sets about finding the best people (team) for this creative venture, funds it, sets it up…see’s it succeed and then uses the profits from the venture to create another one.

The Business Man/women is someone who raises the funds for a business venture and manages it day to day. They might add new side lines or expand in various ways but in essence the business is usually a passion of theirs and they stick with it, running it day to day. They often work in the shops, office or where ever the location is.

In conclusion – A Entrepreneur will create, set up, and then move on to do the same else where..They often don’t have to even have much of a passion in the subject but see the big picture. A business person is someone who lives the business and works there day to day, managing the staff, the accountant and so on.

And a person who gets you up in the morning, tells you that you can do it, that you are capable and you are a valued person is a motivational speaker.

So go to a Motivational Speaker for motivation and inspiration

Go to a Entrepreneur to make money and move on (Money is not a bad word)

Go to a business coach to set up a business and live it everyday (also rather nice) Choose something you Love to do everyday.

A good Coach will have elements of ALL of these. Success4

All Successful Business solve a problem for someone else. MArk on stage




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