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Flavia powell – NLP & Hypnotherapy Coach

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Vibrancy with a Glow

We all want to wake up in the morning and feel vibrant, energetic, positive, healthy, happy and with a general glow, right?

Here’s the thing though…we want to feel like that all day, every day and not just for the first five seconds after waking up each morning and before life kicks in and you find yourself jumping out of bed with the sound of “Oh f*******ck” exploding out of your mouth. That used to be me. Those first five seconds after opening my eyes were pure bliss. After that, my not so cool reality used to kick in, my brain was flooded with negative thoughts, anxiety for the future kicked in and my bliss was replaced with overwhelm, frustration and a feeling of heaviness on my shoulders. At times, when I couldn’t see the woods for the trees, I used to just get back under the duvet and hope that the bliss would return. We sometimes become bogged down with worries, responsibilities, unfulfilled dreams and resentments so it’s important to know that you and I don’t have to live that way.

You want to move forward, change your reality but the idea is scary or even worse, you have no idea of where to go , what to do and what to take into consideration. Be sure that you have choices. You are not a tree with deep roots so you can move. I know that it’s easy to look at the neighbour’s grass and decide that it’s greener than yours and sometimes it truly is, so here are a few things to consider when it comes to finding clarity, changing your reality, choosing well and moving towards your happiness.
I was having a coffee with my husband last week and talking about work and future prospects when all of a sudden this popped into my head….GLOW. I love that word. It has such a happy vibe for me ? and I only glow when I live in balance so it’s a powerful word. So anyway, the four main things to consider are: think of what is good for you, what you love, what is obligatory and what you want.

Good for you – Think of what is good for you right now and looking forward, to maintain balance, overall health, safety and security in your life.

Love – It’s important to follow your heart and consider what you love in life and who you love. This is vital for me as my heart speaks so loudly.

Obligatory for your needs – We all have basic needs and needs we will not do without. I need to have enough money to be able to afford my very expensive glasses. I can survive without but not sure for how long before I cause myself mischief.

Want – Of course, we also need to consider what we want because otherwise life would be super boring. Wanting things also means setting up challenges to work, commit and obtain.

You can just consider what you love, move from where you are now and find yourself unable to do what you want, lack your basic needs and live in and environment which is really bad for you . On the other hand, you could live in an environment where you are thriving physically but your heart is aching because you are not doing anything you love.
I know I keep mentioning it, but balance is the key. Move forward but do it wisely. Some things we love, are really bad for our overall health . Weigh things up and down, consider each aspect and then take the appropriate action. Your gut will tell you. All you have to do it listen.

Keep smiling ?.
Flavia xxx

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