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What If We Used the Full Capacity of Our Brains? – John Assaraf

A discussion featuring John Assaraf shows us how we can more effectively use our brains to achieve more and create more for ourselves in our futures:

What we visualise in our minds has a huge impact on what happens in our lives. When we do this it allows us to focus on our goals more and act upon them to happen. It is much easier when you can see the destination. The same happens when you speak to yourself – if you talk to yourself positively things will be so much easier than if you put yourself down.

Be aware of what you are doing and take your time in your processes. Once you learn to manage yourself you will be able to focus better and achieve more. Other wise what you do may be instinctive and not in your best interests for your success, rather a fear response to a situation.

Our beliefs come from the experiences we have around us, and the people we interact with. We can also create new ones dependent on the information we decide to absorb into us. Decide to find empowering information for yourself so you build towards a better life.

Do not be resistant to change, adopt it and see where your life takes you.

Video by Motivation Madness

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