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What Is Your One Word? This Is Why You Do Everything!

In this video Evan Carmichael tells us that their is one word who defines who we are, and once we know it our potential and drive will be limitless.

Everything we do, from the books we read to the work we do is all connected. It is linked by the one thing that makes us who we are. If we make a list of things that make us happy we can find that connection between them which will guide us in our futures. If you still cannot find that one word make an opposite list of things you do not like, and find the common theme. It may help you create the opposite positive word you have been searching for.

This word is a constant. It has always been with you, and will be there for your life.

It could from from parents, who have given you the blocks to grow from. It could be a positive or a negative still, but it is a guide to find out who you are.

Believe in yourself and follows your dreams. Let your one word guide you on your journey.

Video By Fearless Soul

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