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When You Feel Like Quitting: Remember Why You Started!

A short motivational video pushes us forward with our goals and shows us that we only get the rewards from the hard work and dedication to make things happen.

When you set out to create something, train yourself or even start a business you know it will be hard work. There will be moments when you feel like you’ve had enough and it is time to let go. But you did not feel that when you had the end result in mind. You were passionate and focused to make it happen. You must learn to fight through the pain and the stress and keep in mind your final vision. Pain will leave you, but what you work and leave behind if you decide to push onward can last an eternity.

Don’t make excuses to not to something – that is easy. Never quit, and prove the people wrong who said you couldn’t achieve it.

The amount you put into into something is what you will take from it. If you don’t put in the time, the energy, the effort all you will see is the lack of result. You have to put your whole effort in to see the success shine through. There are no limits, except the limitations you put on yourself. There is always more to give.

The only way to get what you originally set out on this journey to get is to stick with it. Keep the thought of your goal in the front of your mind so when you feel like giving in you know what you want and why you’re fighting through the pain.

Video by Team Fearless

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