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A video featuring Dan Pena and Steve Jobs show us that only through drive and sacrifice you can make anything happen that you want.

When you are starting out in any business venture or project, you may not have much to lose in the process. This is a perfect opportunity to build something for yourself, as you can take risks without much loss if everything goes the wrong way. But the greatest thing to take away from this is what you have learned along the way. Good or bad, learn from what has happened to push yourself harder and faster than before.

Take the risk, and have no fear in what you are doing. If you fear, you have doubt in your abilities which will hold you back. It will make you question if you can do that one thing you’ve always wanted to. Remember you have everything to gain with little loss when starting out in any endeavour, so invest time in yourself to be the best you can be. You need to believe that you deserve to be successful, you need to know that what you do will show results.

Know what it takes if you wish to be successful. Know how hard you’ll need to work if you wish for your goals to be completed. Know what sacrifices you will have to make to see your vision become a reality. As you become more successful you will have more to lose if all goes wrong, but keep the same mentality of hard work and dedication you had when you had nothing, and anything is achievable.

Video by Wings Like Eagles

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