By Karen 'Komplete' Small

Karen ‘Komplete’ Small

Energy Coach - Dealing in Human Power stations

Each week we release Komplete's FREE meditative and energy recharging Podcast Series. To date Karen has produced two unique podcast series with us here at Success4, these are C.H.A.N.G.E and Love,Life And Forgiveness.

A well-being specialist, leading the way in living creatively and essentials for better living. Expanding perspectives with ‘Brighter Expressions through inside out thinking & being’. Her motto “It’s vital to celebrate life, even the smallest things, no matter how insignificant they seem now! For, they will be the greatest memories of past, in the future”. She echoes ‘to feel good, will transpire in looking naturally great!’ While Karen looks after the Mind & Spirit, TLC takes care of the Body. Embark on a life changing journey!

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Who is Komplete? – Komplete Xpressions

With her brand new Podcast series released on Success4 today at 3pm, this article gives you an insight into who Komplete Small really is.

Who is Komplete?

I am a Key – unlocking authentic self, the flow of true self, true essence, the ultimate energy from within. When you connect to the source within, you feel a connectivity that can only be experienced to truly comprehend. Like Neo & Morpheus in the Matrix, like Paul taken to third heaven

The key of Komplete self in any given moment! The freedom of now! Freedom to choose, to be in control of your emotions no matter the situation, like choosing to care or not to care whether deemed negative or positive, it’s a matter of perspective, ones reality.

As I was leaving the house this morning I was thinking about my point of transformation, transitioning from pain to peace! Guess what it was so simple…. Listen carefully I want you to feel my moment..,

It was at a point where I realised I was carrying a  heavy load it was constricting my breath, my heart was aching…really aching …the realisation in the flow of written thoughts.

I was trying to be all things to all people, no really I was actually living my life on everybody else’s terms and wondered why there was so much white noise interference! Pulled from pillar to post, as a daughter, mother, wife/partner sister, cousin, niece, family member whether blood or extended. Then friend, neighbour, colleague, confidant, minister, practitioner, leader, team member, teacher, mentor, coach, role model, leader, follower, server and served, giver and the receiver! When we think about all the parts we play in other people’s lives it’s not a wonder we get confused, frustrated and sometimes misplaced.

The answer is you can only strive to be all things for yourself. What I mean by this is true to yourself, decisions that enable you to breathe! To live inside out!

So what I do is inspire you inside out!

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28 March 2014 02:28

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  • Hi Agnieszka, thank you for your kind words and we know Komplete will love that you took the time to comment. Keep coming back for plenty more from Komplete.

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