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I’ve come across tons of people that I share the work I do with. Some turn surprised and inspired which is always rewarding sight for me to see as that’s what I live for.

I live for other’s success and breakthroughs so they can master their health, wealth, relationship, business career. More importantly, they can transform from asleep sheep to awakened leaders that will change the direction of our planet AND the energy of it. Transform the minority to majority which is already happening but to speed the process so more people can be reached. More people that are searching for the tools to transform their lives.

However, once in a blue moon – I come across individuals that see and ask, “are you one of those motivational speaker… what’s the point? Our world is in a pretty bad shape.”

They have no clue that there is a point to it, however they’re transforming their limited beliefs into self-prophecy so no matter what… they’ll continue to produce the same result because they cannot seem to figure how to snap out of what they’re feeling. It becomes a cycle. The brain isn’t experiencing any shift in the mind and so it will tell that individual, “told you so! The world is messed up!! Don’t bother trying otherwise you’ll end in disappointment… nothing can be changed.”

I had exactly similar thought at one point in life which impacted my approach to it. WHAT WAS THE POINT? God will choose who to create a heavenly life for and a punishing one too. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. The limited beliefs I had wasn’t just impacting me but those around me too. Had I only known then to change the meaning I was giving to my life when I was young then I could have saved myself so much time, you don’t want to be filled with this sort of regret… do you?

Limited belief:

– “God is punishing me, that’s the reason my life isn’t getting better and I must accept it all as they are as there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

– “God will change everything for me – I should just make a prayer, wait and do nothing…”

Yet nothing was changing and my circumstances were worsening… in times like that I would read the autobiographies of people that have experienced the same dilemma as me BUT how they managed to get themselves out from it through acting. “If it was that easy, I should be able to do it. What was their secret?” I’d wonder to myself and two things I came across:

– They had a higher self. They did not base their ability based on their current situation and always visualised as these powerful characters capable of anything in their mind.
– They had shifted their mindset. From average to excellent thoughts and focus. Always remaining responsive rather than reactive to their circumstances and environment.

I came across an individual on Friday expressing to me, “how it was near the end of the world, no matter what we do, there’s no hope. Just think about yourself…”

What sort of faith teaches its disciples to lose faith and not even try!?

“See physics says reality is created from your perception. Neuroscience says your brain controls your biochemistry.” Religion says that you have choices given by the Lord to alter your destiny and spirituality says that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

She doesn’t realize we possess one of the greatest gift known to us which is decision-making. Our decision comes from the mind. Our decision will either be empowering and positive or disempowering and negative, depending on what we focus on and allow to be influenced by.

“You know you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Don’t just think about it, look at it, and complain about it to whoever will listen. Stop conning yourself into being a volunteer victim, or telling the same old story. You are better than that. It’s time to stand up for yourself and your dream. This is the one and only life that you have. Don’t waste it watching someone’s life on tv, in a movie, a series or reality show. Make the decision to take your power back and make a move. Live on your term and create something new in your life.” – Les Brown

As I’ve mentioned, anything you see around you possibly came from you because of you giving it an existence through your thought as thoughts can become things. Nothing can affect you without your permission.

When you make the decision to think hopelessly then it becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. That’s the reason it’s vital we learn to take control of our thought by doing the mechanic work. You are the product of your thoughts. Whatever you think, you become.

Your thoughts directly affect your action, your action determines your outcome, and your outcome determines your destiny.

Thoughts itself is impacted by the energy you choose to surround yourself around. Immersing yourself in the right environment and people is crucial to your ability to impact the world positively.

Frankly, some will continue to read this and either look to something that’s wrong with this post and that’s just the way they’ve been programmed. That’s where their focus lies. Even in positive situation, they’ll look to what can go wrong… rather than appreciating the moment and thinking what more can go right, they’ll search for worst case scenario which then happens but only to them. That’s the reason they’ll never live find the key to unlock their potential. They’ll never fulfilled and rewarding life until that shift happens in their mind.

My coach, in her 20’s was / experiencing:

– Highly medicated by doctors
– Smoker and self-medicated on drugs
– Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress
– Toxic relationship with family and men
– Overweight
– Brain tumour taking over her hormones
– Broke and living on benefits

She wasn’t succeeding in life, however now:

– Healthy and energetic
– Non-smoker and stopped all drugs
– In love with her soul mate
– Harmonious relationship with family
– Runs her own business
– Travels around the world impacting lives

This amazes me – I understand she must have taken a massive action in shifting her mindset to reach this stage. Transformation takes time and starts with the mind; however, some will look at this and search for how they can speedily transform their own life. If that doesn’t work then it’s not real.

It’ll take more than doctors and prayer for your circumstances to change. Prayer is just half of the work but you cannot be rewarded for something you only half of your work/effort into.

You must learn to hustle with heart and passion for the difference you want in your life, environment and world. Be the change you want to see.

You reflect your environment. For most of my teen years I was:

– Smoker and on drugs
– Depressed and paranoid
– Unhealthy relationship with family and women
– Reached a point I couldn’t bear to live
– Verbally and domestically abused
– Failed in school
– Anti-social with people

I was attracting similar people and more circumstances which would strengthen one or more of the above. That was where my focus lied and I had no awareness to how I can master the game and become of value to those around me so I can serve them.

I kept questioning every fragment of the reality given to me and told to make the most of it. I kept searching as I had refused to settle for a reality enforced on me by society.

I refused to wait for someone to rescue me from my intoxicating self and became the hero in my own story.

I visualised a better and more beautiful life if I couldn’t have it in the matrix. What I had come to realize was my drive was guiding me all the way around. I was subconsciously painting my life into existence and creating a different destiny from the one initially given to me.

This ability is in us all. You don’t like something, then start consciously creating something different for yourself and stop sharing your negative though with others because you’re speaking it into existence and obstructing other’s progress. When I made the decision to live like this:

– Gained health, vitality, energy and clear focus
– Haven’t smoked or took drugs for 2 years
– Love connecting with people and people love to connect with me
– Wonderful relationship with family
– Winning in life by impacting others
– Loving life and myself
– Living in abundance

Before you think to yourself, this is a motivational post and only a select few get lucky. NO! This is hustle with heart and passion OR you will not get anything article.

The world can be very different if we all play our role to contribute.

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