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I am sure we have all heard the saying “Fake it until you make it” which is repeated so much that online marketing is built around this ‘have a go Charlie’ approach. It has got mixed up from learning as you go, or indeed learning the skills you need before you start your business and then adjust and add to them along the way.

The problem with faking it until you make it is this, you will only attract others that are also “Faking it until they make it” and thus none of you ever make it anywhere other than where you are. Sure you will have a bunch of youtube subscribers and Facebook friends, and the odd vulnerable client, but when it comes to being able to deliver on your PROMISES then that is where you WILL come unstuck, that is where you will build a reputation as a bullshit artist very quickly.

There is a saying “He could sell snow to an eskimo” and indeed some good sales people can, but that eskimo ill never come back once it realises it has been conned and it will tell every other eskimo in the eskimo ice village what a con artists you are, and then you will eventually run out of eskimo’s to sell to, except for the very desperate who will only keep your business where it is, it does not scale.

So don’t fake it at all, take your time and learn your trade, learn your skill set and practice. Faking it will only attract those who are faking it to, and no one likes to be lied to. Also stay away from the ‘Lifetstyle Marketing’ where they rent a car or borrow a wealthy friends house and shoot videos promising that you can have all of that to, if only you buy their £49.99 course. It would be funny if these con-artists were not taking money off vulnerable people, these are dangerous lost souls so stay away from them, they will take you for all you have and even for that which you don’t have, but most importantly do not get sucked in to becoming one, it’s a dead end.

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