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Why You Should NEVER Lower the Bar | Impact Quotes

A speech from Tom Bilyeu shows us that we should not let anything get in our way of achieving what we’ve really wanted and to become the things we wish to be.

When the going gets tough all we need to do is change the direction we are going in to move past any obstacle. Do not let it stop you. Find a different way to the goal. Do whatever it takes to find that solution and keep moving forward with your dreams.

Do not fall into the trap of changing the goal to make it easier for yourself. You will loose what you really wanted and never get the success you wished for. Fight the fear that surrounds you and make the impossible become possible. Make the choice to overcome the hard times rather then letting them swallow you up. This choice is always down to you.

We will always have the voice within ourselves telling us to stop, and give in. But we must visualise the end goal and see ourselves there to focus and gain the strength to pursue it. We become what we think on – so think on the things you want to make sure they become a part of your life.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Put in the work to master your craft, let it become you and set your mind to never stopping in your pursuits.

Don’t look back and regret those things you didn’t do. Make them happen today.

Video by Tom Bilyeu

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