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Through a series of motivational talks Walter Bond inspires us to always follow our dreams and have the courage to never give in no matter what life throws at you.

He tells us that trying to obtain success without the hard work is impossible. Many people wish to have it easy, and also obtain success. This does not happen, and only through working like you’ve never worked before will begin to see the end goal. Also that if you want to be the best, pay attention to the best – be smart and watch them, do as they do to learn the skills in your chosen field.

For anything to flourish, you have to turn your work into habits and rituals. Condition yourself to constantly get up, put the effort in and never let go each and everyday and you will see progress. There are no shortcuts, only those who learn and those who miss out on the fundamentals and fail.

Always look out for those around you, take the responsibility for your family and those close to you and teach them the correct way so they too also grow. Show them that they can follow their dreams if they believe in their abilities. Do whatever you need to do make it happen, never compromise and if something tries to get in the way, change tactic and keep moving on.

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