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I was walking in London, breathing in the liveliness, the movement, the buzz of London´s air. It was a sunny afternoon. I felt great, as I normally do when I visit London. I just adore this city. It inspires me and transforms me into a waterfall of ideas in the Amazon jungle of the high buildings and busy avenues, intermingled with sweet aromas and beautiful buildings.

That´s how the name came, it dropped down from spirit world looking for an open mind ready for a new idea and for an open heart ready for a new challenge. WOMAN 5.0.

I had been having insights of working with women, to empower them and support them like I had been empowered and supported. And the concept that has been robbing me of sleep finally arrived.

Of course! It´s ideal! WOMAN 5.0 is the new woman of the new world, the one the Dalai Lama said will change the world, the western woman who is empowering herself, finding her true power in her feminine energy, unlocking the guilt, the shame and the fear of being herself. Woman 5.0 is the woman who lives from her Heart, not scared anymore of letting Love and Compassion, qualities that comes naturally to her, be the attributes that define her and everything she does, from her motherhood to the way she runs her business. The WOMAN 5.0 loves herself from every angle, accepts who she is and embraces transformation in a holistic way, unifying body, mind, emotions and spirit into one and growing from there as a whole.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the concept and the more ideas came dropping down. I believe we are moving into the era of the Unconditional Love, of Unity through Diversity, where Collaboration is the new competition. A new era ruled by Values such as Equanimity, Inclusion, Authenticity and Integrity. We are welcoming the Diamond Era of Humanity where Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration are the qualities admired and looked for in people.

And this era is encapsulated in a new veil of Unconditional Love, a Ray of Love that comes from the 5th dimension, where we are raising and ascending as a whole, meeting Hearts and Minds with the Light of Compassion. This 5th dimension is reached by the Heart energy. It is so important that women go back to their true nurturing nature so that this energy is embodied in everyone.

Yes, WOMAN 5.0 is the women´s best version, with the qualities of the new era and the unconditional love as the leading value, of the 5th dimension.

The WOMAN 5.0 is a Conscious Leader. She leads her life in total awareness of who she is and where she is going. The Conscious Leader WOMAN 5.0 knows her Soul´s purpose, because she has gone through many transformations, she has got to know herself, healed her wounds and her ancestors´ pains. She has transmuted her karma and that of her family and lineage. She is here for a reason and that reason, that Soul´s Purpose, is her driver.

The WOMAN 5.0, as the Conscious Leader that she is, takes responsibility for her own Well-Being, her own Happiness, her own Prosperity. She is self-sufficient yet dependable and reliable. She doesn´t need a man, she choose the man she is with, each and every day she chooses him and stays in the relationship out of Love and not necessity. Because the WOMAN 5.0 has learnt to be alone and is not afraid of being by herself. She values her time alone as this time on her own is her energy booster, the time when she recharges and connects with her most Beloved dreams.

I kept walking in the lively streets of London. Those streets that I knew so well around Covent Garden and I started to see them. I could recognise them. WOMEN 4.0 and 3.0 everywhere, eager to be found and discovered, unfulfilled dreams pouring out of her auras and silent cries of desperation shouting quietly out of the depth of her eyes.

This is where we are going. I knew then and I know now. We are transforming these WOMEN 4.0 and 3.0 into the powerhouse of a WOMAN 5.0. It was my mission to UNBOX their Hearts of pains and sorrows and layers of protection; it was my mission to UNBOX their Soul´s Purpose so that they know who they are and what they are meant to do.

And I also found them. I found WOMEN 5.0 who are already empowering others to show up and step up. Like the ones who helped me do it.

This is a movement. A worldwide movement that consists in UNBOXING everything that no longer serves us. It is our duty as women and our responsibility to do this transformation, for our children who are born and those who are not, for the men in our world, for the future of the planet.

And many men have asked me, what about us? Why do you leave us out? Yet we don´t, it´s my answer. Women empower and make men grow by becoming our best version, the version 5.0. This is where we meet. In the Heart of the union of Divine Love, for when the women embrace unconditional love and live in the 5th dimension as WOMEN 5.0, fearless, confident and fully empowered, men will transform naturally, forever forgetting they once were less than that.

Come and join me in the movement. UNBOX the WOMAN 5.0 inside of you. That´s where she is already, just see her, love her and bring her up.

I am starting with myself. I am a WOMAN 5.0, are you?

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