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You don’t think you deserve it | Mel Robbins

A short video featuring Mel Robbins shows us that we can often be stopped in our pursuits by others then our own selves, but we must overcome and start for great results:

We often adopt mindsets that have been enforced upon on us by others, most of which will hold us back and pin us down to a cycle of not progressing in life. We do this to a level that we repeat it time and time again without even knowing we’re doing it.

There are many things that we will wish to pursue, and to make it happen we must take action to focus on the tasks which bring us closer to that end. Pull people into your life that promote your actions and push you forward rather than holding you back.

People will try and bring you down through many ways and various reasons, but remember that we all deserve our dreams – so simply make time to start and watch as it builds in the right way.

Video by Mel Robbins

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