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Zig Ziglar Attitude Makes All The Difference

A video featuring Zig Ziglar shows us that if we wish to make a positive difference in our lives we have to look inward and find those things which make us happy.

There may be many people out there who simply want the attention that goes with their problems rather than actually thinking on and solving the problem. They want change but would prefer to complain rather than recognising and thinking differently. But if you can realise that any problem may come from, and be fixed by yourself you can change your life to great effect. As if you are not prepared to take the step forward and solve problems for yourself you will sadly never get anywhere.

Whatever your problem may be, make a list of things that you may like about it. Pick out the best parts and see if you can find anything that makes you happy – if you really think about something in this way you will be surprised how much good you can find. Say these things to yourself everyday, both in the morning and before you go to bed to aid in visualising the good things you have that you may not appreciate.

Be grateful for what you have, and stop finding faults in your life – have positive self talk and find the things which make you a better person.

Video by TeamDifference Makers

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